Big Dick Men - Sample Story
Champagne Delight

You pop the bottle of champagne and we both laugh with pleasure. It fizzes up and over the rim of the glass as your pour, over eagerly, and I hurriedly slurp it down and laugh again.

You fill your own glass, sip it and then kiss me as though I taste far finer. Your lips are firm, your tongue gently slips into my mouth and touches mine. I suck it in and we suddenly break apart, laughing.

The champagne is tangy, and full of bubbles that tingle my nose. I drink in the sight of you, golden in the light of the setting sun. Your eyes sparkle with anticipation, and that special expression that is entirely yours; the one that seems to be full of happiness, yet tinged with the weight of the world. Your smile is glorious, and Iím glad itís for me. Your shirt hugs your well toned chest, and I can see your nipples, erect from the chill and fizz of the wine. You laugh, deeply and with abandon.

As usual, it is better than a holy miracle to be with you.

We are kissing again, and I feel the tingle of the wine mix with intimate warmth. Your hands slide along the curve of my buttocks, and I reach back and grab yours in return. Soon you are reaching up to cup my breasts, and my nipples are now hard, making mountain peaks on the flower-spangled expanse of my dress. Your thumbs brush against them, daring them to harden even more, even as your tongue is brushing against my neck and across to my earlobe.

I sigh as the exquisite shivers travel to my feet. You nibble, and lick the side of my neck, and I throw my head back to let it happen. But then I want to kiss you again, and take your face in my hands, tenderly, and then strongly pressing my lips to yours.

My hand reaches down and undoes your zipper. I can feel the bulge inside, and I fumble to reach it. You assist, and now your lovely cock is in my hand...

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