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Imagine that a man stands before you. He is the most spectacular male you have ever seen. You admire him from a distance, until he beckons again.

You go to him, and before you can say a word he is kissing you. His lips are soft, and his tongue is long and insistent.

Now he is removing your clothes, and kissing your neck. His hands are everywhere, strong yet gentle. He brushes fingertips against your nipples, and you sigh.

And now he is leading you to the bed...

You are about to experience the pleasure of a Big Dick Man...
Big Dick Men offers you:

* Thousands of quality photos of sexy straight naked men with big dicks!
* Exclusively written erotic fiction, written just for women
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* Amazing articles on men with big dicks, the celluloid penis, men faking orgasm, women's erotica and more
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You also get:
* Bonus content including centerfold galleries and movies
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Some of the cool stuff inside the Netverifier members area:

Sin-O-Matic - virtual sex where you control the action! Daily Video Clips - Highest quality streaming videos Toon Vision - interactive fantasy hardcore cartoons
Lesbian Encounters - Sexy girl-on-girl content. Outrageous Orgies - Incredible group sex pics Adult XXX TV - Streaming hardcore video
Freak Show  - Weird sex, and bizarre fetishes  Let's Play Doctor - indulge in those hospital fantasies RawNews - the news you can use

What other women's erotica sites can I access?
I own and run a number of other sites in the network. These are:
Women's Erotica Club
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Pure Cunnilingus
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The Cunnilingus Site
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50 Men, 50 Big Dicks

These are just the sites I run. There are, of course, thousands of others offering every kind of porn available.
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Your answers to some frequently asked questions about this site...

Is this a paysite?
No, it's a Netverifier participating site which means that it's part of a huge adult network made up of thousands of porn sites. When you join Big Dick Men, you also get access to every other gallery in the network, including a quality selection of women's porn sites.

The site is also an Elite Gallery, which means it meets high standards for quality and content.

Who runs this site?
Big Dick Men is run by me, Kayel. I'm an adult webmistress who enjoys porn and who wants to offer quality erotica to straight women like myself.

Will I receive spam if I join?
No. You are required to enter your email for administration purposes only. Netverifier site owners are forbidden from sending spam by the CAN-SPAM act.

Is it easy to cancel?
Yes. There is a support page within the members area that offers an easy-to-find cancel link, as well as useful technical and contact information.


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